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Get the full view of Jewish life for Mesorah U credit! Classes, Social Action and Shabbatons are all offered for Mesorah U Credit which can be applied to the Traveler's Club Membership. Offerings in Highland Park, Hoboken, and Morristown all year round. FOR FULL MESORAH U LISTINGS CLICK HERE


Apply for membership in the Traveler's Club HERE.

The 6 part series in Hoboken provides a sophisticated view of various topics in Jewish thought and practice: Learn more HERE.

The 6 part series in Highland Park offers three tracks: ULPAN, FUNDAMENTALS, and TALMUD DEBATES: Learn more HERE.

Wine and Cheese events and Stew and Brew gatherings in private homes in Morristown Learn more HERE.

Tikun Olam right here in NJ. "Chesed/Kindness begins at home." Learn more HERE.

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