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A box within a box within a box. This week's Torah portion discusses the Mishkan, the tabernacle, and all of its parts and components. In describing the specifications for the ark, G-d commands that it be a gold box and inside that box a wooden box and inside that wooden box another gold box. Our sages tell us that the ark which held the Torah is symbolic of a person who houses a soul. The parallel between the outer and inner gold boxes shows the parallel a person should exhibit: "Tocho K'baro," his inside should be exactly like his outside. His inner feelings and thoughts should match how he presents himself in public.

There was a great Talmudic Yeshiva which sought students who exhibited this "Tocho K'baro" trait. How could they test for it? The adminstrators of the school decided to block admission for any student. It was only the students who really truly wanted to learn that protested and demanded that they go in. Those were the ones accepted. They were labeled "Tocho Kbaro."

Often people offer a favor for others hoping they will not accept. It is the person who is committed to giving on the inside that will insist on offering the favor. He is genuine and is Tocho Kbaro - his outer actions reflect his inner thoughts.

-Excerpted from Mesorah Minute, Mesorah DC


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