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The Sound of the Shofar

In our prayers on Rosh hashanah ,we ask :"G-d listen B'-koli" literally "IN my voice" and then immediately after that we beseech Him "let Your ears listen- L'-koli" "TO my voice".

Why do we have the seemingly repetitive verses yet with the nuanced change from IN my voice to TO my voice?

On Rosh Hashanah we celebrate the birthday of Man by trying to acknowledge and connect to our natural pureness that was once the majesty of Man before he sinned.

Our prayers on Rosh Hashanah declare G-d as King which de facto remind us that we as His children have within us the pure divine spirit .

When we do so we are able to ask G-d to listen "IN our voice " that is to recognize our very essence of purity and grant us meaningful life so we can fulfill our great purpose and destiny. When we fail to touch that part of ourselves we can't connect to G-d directly and our prayers have to go through "God's ears " - a reference to His angels. They can only listen TO our voice but cannot discern our very purest essence "IN" our voice.

Two great chassidic rebbes met for the first time in a village that they both were visiting and immediately became kindred spirits.When it came time to depart a few days later, they promised each other to always stay in touch.

Each week one would send a letter with their attendant to the other and then the other would reciprocate with a letter of their own. This went on for weeks and months. Finally the attendant's curiosity got the better of him-what could they possibly still be writing after all these months?

He opened the sealed envelope and stared at the letter for the longest time in great disbelief. It was a blank page!! Enraged he ran to his rebbe "how could you do this to me, have me go back and forth delivering absolutely nothing for all these months?"

Now it was the rebbe's turn to be taken aback. Do you think I'm sending am empty letter that says nothing? What it actually says is that my love and admiration for you is so great I can't even put it into words! Words could not possibly describe what I feel for you.

So too, the shofar who's sound produces no words speaks volumes. It says that we desperately want to connect to the deepest and purest part of our souls' that cry out for that special relationship between G-d and Man; that longs to be re-united as parent and child. G-d listen INTO our voice.

Wishing you all a year filled with meaning and purpose - where you are able to tap into the purest part of your neshama (soul) and achieve greatness.

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