Travelers Club Application Form


Mesorah NJ has partnered with the Olami foundations to build a Travelers

Club that provides subsidies for a qualifying Mesorah trip to its members.


In order to qualify, members must complete over the course of 8 months:

  • 6 Classes

  • 1 Chavrusa Session (one on one learning)

  • 1 Social Action Event

  • 1 Mesorah Shabbaton




Traveler's Club FAQs:

What if I have to miss one of the events?

Each of the 6 classes must be attended. If for some reason you are unable to attend, it may be made up with an approved Mesorah U teacher.


How long do the credits extend for? Class Credits are usable over 10 months. A shabbaton must be completed within 3 months of Departure Date.


Can I cover my credits in various locations? Yes. You can fulfill your Mesorah U credits in Hoboken, Highland Park, or Morristown.


What if I have never had a formal Jewish education? Mesorah U is designed to appeal to a cross section of Jewish students. From total beginners to the relatively advanced, everyone gains tremendously from the course.


I have never spent a Shabbat in a traditionalcommunity before- will I feel uncomfortable? Not at all. Our hosts are very friendly and recognize that it may be a new experience for you, and are quite accommodating.


What do I wear on the Shabbaton? Men should wear dress shirts and slacks. Women should wear business casual/formal pants, dresses or skirts with tops that have a modest neckline. All linen and bedding is provided as well as food (lots of it, too) and entertainment.


Whom do I contact if I have specific questions about the program?

For any questions regarding the program or Shabbatons, you can contact Rabbi Lewis or Esther.