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CLUB36 is a club for the vital partners of Mesorah NJ. With monthly contributions, members ensure that Mesorah NJ's community events, classes, Shabbat programs and trips keep on happening.



As a member, you'll enjoy:

  • Half-price  admission to every event

  • Access to exclusive members-only events.

  • Sponsorship of one Shabbat dinner of your choosing: includes recognition before and at the event, & 6 guest tickets.



Ilya Epshteyn

Jay Galleid

Jason Gessner

Evan Teitelbaum
Eric and Leah Weinberg

Adam and Lauren Levitt

Jack and Rifky Atkin

Russel and Paige Wechsler


Drs. Bud and Rebecca Coulson

Jordan and Kayla Ledvina


Ben Atwater


Ornella Berenstein Design

Leah and Robert Fox

Seth and Rochelle Frumkin

Noah and Jackie Glyn

Sophie Goldberg

Dovid and Sora Kandel

Scott and Abigail Kaplan

Aviv Khavich

Erica Krause

Drs. Adam and Emily Kunkis

Ilan and Maya Levy

Melissa Malinasky

Dan and Samara Moritz

Tatiana Mross

Noah Ohringer

Dr. Jonathan Orgel

Doron Samuel

David and Tamara Segal

Mitchell & Lana Shusteris

Shraga and Shlomit Silver

Fred and Sheryl Spieler

Zach Subar

Scott and Yaelle Weinblatt


Ruben Bernshtein

Jeff and Channah Cohen

Aaron Feldman

Brian and Shuly Levy

Yevgeniy Medvedev

Yosi and Beata Merves

Marc and Martha Moritz

Carole Reiss

Anna and Asa Smith

Yair and Jeny Zarmon


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