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Rooftop Shabbat! 

Come bring in Shabbat with other Jewish YPs from around NJ, while overlooking the NYC skyline!

Feb 3rd

Jersey City, NJ 

5:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat

6:30 Dinner

$25 - $36 after 1/30

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Join Mesorah at Top Golf Edison! 


Thurs 2/9 

Edison, NJ 


Webcam Wednesdays (5).png

Webcam Wednesdays

Combining Shteig and Mesorah Mondays into one, mind expanding virtual Torah learning experience. Come for some, or come for all! 

WW class resumes 2/2, Shteig resumes 2/2


8:00pm | Parsha Tidbits with Rabbi Lewis

8:10pm | Shteig! 1-1/group learning in breakout rooms

8:45pm | Trivia & Giveaways

8:50pm | Guest Speaker

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