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Mesorah Miles Travel Club

Thanks to a generous grant form the Olami Foundation, you can get a free Mesorah trip when you earn 1,600 Mesorah Miles by taking online classes from your computer!


Jewish Young Professionals and Grad Students 22-30 y/o.

Undergrads are generally not eligible

Spots are limited, and eligible applicants will be interviewed.




Mesorah Monday Classes

There must be a minimum of 500 miles earned solely from Mesorah Mondays in order to be eligible.


Classes will be Mondays each week. Each one will be for about 75 minutes, and will earn 100 Miles each. They will generally consist of the main speaker, breakout rooms, and a social/icebreaker component

Other shorter Mesorah classes may be used for Miles as well. A 30-40 min class will earn 50 Miles.  

Classes must be attended Live to receive credit. 


During the class, please mute your audio, but leave your video on- we want to see you!  After each class, a short quiz will be given to ensure  participation and to get your feedback. These are required by Olami. 




1-1/Small Classes

2 sessions of learning or 300 miles of Shteig are required to be eligible.


1-1 or small group learning with the Mesorah staff- Motti, Ashley, Rabbi or Esther Lewis. Each 45 minute session will earn 100 Miles. They will reach out to schedule a session. 




Shteig Partner Learning

There must be a minimum of 300 miles of Shteig or 2 sessions of learning in order to be eligible.

Topics include Weekly Parsha, Talmud, Maimonides, Pirkei Avos, or choose your own!

Shteig meets on Thursdays throughout the year.  Sign up here for more info.




Mesorah Shabbatons 

One shabbaton is required for eligiblity.

Mesorah hosts several shabbatons throughout the year! 



After earning 1,000 Mesorah Miles, you are eligible for your free trip. Mesorah Trip options can be found here, and you will need to apply and be accepted to the trip. The stipend covers the ground costs for the trip, up to $300, but not the travel cost of getting to the destination. However..

- For Domestic Trips (eg LA, Miami) there is a separate travel subsidy that can cover your travel costs. 

- For certain international trips, the cost of the trip is just the ticket. In this case, you can redeem your Mesorah Miles for $300 towards the cost of travel.  


Mesorah Miles are redeemable for up to 12 months from when you complete the program.

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